2017-18  All-American Swimming

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Gender:     Event:

11:33.15Elvis Kotikovski (10), Jacob Silberman (11), Nicholas Vale (11), Nico Ferrara (12)Pine Crest School Fort Lauderdale FL
21:33.67Jacob Bening (10), Samuel Hahs (12), Brogan Davis (12), Truman Vines (10)Cape Central High School Cape Girardeau MO
31:33.72Jhon Moncada (11), Cameron Claytor (11), Gabe Parnell (12), Robert Frankenstein (12)Lake Brantley High School Altamonte Springs FL
41:33.99Mason Wilby (12), Brandon Cheong (11), Alexander Narvaez-Duckworth (12), Julian Hill (11)Buchholz High School Gainesville FL
51:34.00Matt Milovanovic (10), Patrick Schramm (12), Michael Niezgodzki (12), Dane Nelson (9 )Brophy College Prep Phoenix AZ
61:34.44Brett Riley (12), Chasen Dubs (11), Aye-Chan San Tun (12), J J Corrigan (12)Riverview High School Sarasota FL
71:35.02Trey McDaniel (12), Chris Allen (11), Brian Rawlinson (12), Nick Moreno (11)Mountain View High School Mesa AZ

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