2018-19  All-American Swimming

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11:33.24Grant Godard (12), Daniel Worth (10), JP Hynes (12), Andrew Bennett (11)Lee's Summit North High School Lee's Summit MO
21:33.43Jackson Kirk (11), Paul DeGrado (12), Daniel Bowen (11), Rafael Ponce De Leon (11)The Bolles School Jacksonville FL
31:33.61Noah Evans (11), Skylar Klein (12), Dawson Joyce (9 ), Payton Poore (12)Seminole High School Sanford FL
41:33.70Alexander Bungert (9 ), Hau Weng Cheong (12), Peyton Werner (12), Julian Hill (12)Buchholz High School Gainesville FL
51:33.88Jhon Moncada (12), Cameron Claytor (12), Nathaniel Boccuzzo (11), Cole Parnell (11)Lake Brantley High School Altamonte Springs FL
61:34.42Braden Walters (10), Matthew Leblanc (11), Daniel Simmons (11), Jonah Ho (11)Chaparral High School Scottsdale AZ
71:34.67Oscar Madsen (12), Andrew Garner (10), Mason Laur (10), Anton Sunyak (11)Barron Collier High School Naples FL
81:34.71Peter Tanner Jr (12), Ryaan Hatoum (12), Christopher Dieffenthaller (11), Scott Showalter (10)Berkeley Prep School Tampa FL

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